Cedric Mnich has been working in the Financial Market activity since the early 2000s. He finds his inspiration from the relentless daily fluctuations of the great machine of international Capitalism. Fascinated by the graphical representations of monetary flows related to world currencies, commodities, indexes or stocks, Cedric created TradeArt. This style of art aims to represent the aesthetic aspect of this universe governed by numbers and complex mathematics whose sole existence lies in garnering profit. Cedric invites observers to decide for themselves whether his artistic representations of modern finance denounce or legitimize the increasing hold that money has on man and society. Cedric Mnich’s art, regardless of interpretation, never leaves the observer indifferent.

TradeArt is an artistic concept which has been growing up in my mind for a few years.
Like many personal investors, I began daytrading in 1999/2000 with the dot com market speculation bubble.
A few years later, I discovered Technical Analysis and quickly became passionate and fascinated by stockcharts. Stockcharts can have an aesthetical appeal. Probably because market finance, despite its apparent chaotic behaviour, can be ruled by some mathematical or natural patterns that our brain recognizes, just like divine proportions in the human body that Fibonacci discovered with his famous gold number. Trader R.E. Elliott applied it to markets with his famous wave cycles theory. Trading is ruled for the most part by psychology, that is human emotions : greed, joy, fear, anger, despite, regrets, panic or even jealousy or treachery… Trading is a story about fighting against market, against other traders, but above all, against oneself.Therefore, my art is the meeting place between Technology and Media, Finance and World History, Human emotions and Art.